Thank You!

This has been a wonderfully enriching experience. From the very beginning, the campaign was full of great conversations about our community and how to make it even better!

We are lucky to have had so many qualified, caring and engaged people who were willing to put forward their names to serve. Those who will not be serving on council, served the community just by running.  Having a choice provides the opportunity for dialogue in a way that is difficult to create otherwise.

Wilmot Township has inspired all of us to offer our service.  We and all residents can be proud of being part of a community that inspires so much passion and dedication.  To those who put themselves forward and were not elected, thank you. You gave of yourself to our community in this race and our dialogue was strengthened by it. Thank you to all the candidates and to this amazing community. Thank you to Marie for giving me that final push to run! I owe a huge thank you for support; to the people who signed my nomination papers, the people who made financial contributions and gave me moral support. Thank you to Megan, Dave, Stacey, Markus, Catherine, Diljot and Sandy for all your time door knocking.  Meredith, you are the best! Thank you for volunteering (not waiting to be asked) to be my campaign manager! And the biggest thank you to my husband, Ekk, who has supported me and believed in me always.  I am truly blessed.

I am humbled by all the support I have received and take this election as a trust that I will spend my next four years working to honour and fulfill. I’m thrilled to be one of three women joining Wilmot Council this year.  Being a woman isn’t what will make me a good councillor, but neither does it hurt.  As we move forward with the new Council, I am excited to begin working on the many projects and ideas that this community is asking for. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve.

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