Mike Schreiner, MPP

“I’m excited that my long time friend and business associate Jenn Pfenning is running for Wilmot Township Council. She will be a strong, compassionate and thoughtful voice for her community. I continue to be impressed with her leadership on food and farming issues.”

Clarence Cachagee, Visionary Founder, Crow Shield Lodge

“Jenn holds the spirit of change close to her heart. She professionally and personally has made commitments to allyship and brings reconciliation to the forefront. Jenn has the heart of community, family and future generations in her decision making. From the first time that Jenn and I met, I knew she was different from the rest. It’s an honour to offer this endorsement to Jenn. Wilmot is ready for change, Jenn and others can bring that change.”

Canada Day Sunrise Ceremony 2022

Ernie Ritz, Former Mayor of Wilmot Township

“Jenn Pfenning in my opinion has the preferred experience and qualifications to serve well as the next Mayor of Wilmot. As a wife, mother, and manager of a successful sizeable business with many employees and a broad market, she has those abilities which are most advantageous in political leadership. Experience on the present Council will add continuity to her service. She has my full support in the coming Wilmot elections.”

Catherine Fife, MPP

“Jenn is a generous community leader who understands the importance of farming to Ontario & rural communities. She will be a strong Mayor for Wilmot Township.”

Jenn Pfenning with Catherine Fife, MPP