As I have been talking to people about this election, the most important thing I want to share is my view of leadership.  You need to know what kind of leader I would be if you vote for me.

If I am elected as Councillor, I will be the voice for the community. That means stepping outside of my own perspective and taking on the many voices of the whole community.  It means hearing everyone’s concerns and weighing all the options for addressing them.  It means explaining myself when someone questions why I took a particular position.  You have a right to ask me to explain why. If I make a mistake, it means taking responsibility for it and making it right.

We should all engage with our local representatives at every level of government and talk to them. Not just at election time either.

Voting for me means voting for someone who will listen, consider and act.  If I can’t fix the problem presented, I’ll take it to someone who can.  I will advocate for you.

The Race is On

With the deadline for registering as a candidate behind us; the race is on.  You, the voter, have a choice in Ward 4.  I think that is a wonderful thing! When a community is vibrant and active and its members are engaged, naturally, there are people who want to serve that community as Councillors.

Over the coming 79 days, I will be coming to your doors to talk about what you think is important for our community and sharing my vision of how we can build on the things that make this community a fantastic place to live.

We know that the biggest single determinant for health, happiness and long life is a feeling of community and connected-ness.  Even though this community has that in spades, there are people in our community who may not yet be connected. I want to work to engage people who haven’t found their community niche.  I want to work to ensure that we maintain and build on the strengths of our town as we grow by making more community spaces that bring people together, encouraging more public engagement in the township business, and protecting the farmland that feeds us.

On October 22nd, I hope you will vote for me so I can be your voice and serve the community I love.

Dear Wilmot Township

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a nurse and marry a farmer. Politics never entered my mind except when it came to voting. I have never missed a vote since I reached the age of majority in this wonderful country of ours.

Today, I am putting myself forward for your consideration as a Councillor in Ward 4 of Wilmot Township.

Why? Because this town has given me and my family so much love and support that I want to offer to serve as your voice on the Council. It’s the best idea I could come up with to let all of you know what a great place I think this is, and how grateful I am for the privilege of living here with all of you.

My day job is running Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables Inc. with my husband and brother and sister-in-law. It is a job I love. In the past, I have also served on volunteer boards: seven years at Foodshare in Toronto, several years on the Organic Council of Ontario board, as well as the National Farmers Union Local and the Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable.

If you choose to elect me as councilor, I will work hard to consider everyone’s voice, to listen, and to act in the best interest of the whole community.

In the coming weeks, I will be making myself available to hear what’s on your mind by knocking on your doors and of course, attending many of the wonderful events we have.